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About us

About us


NBRO is a running community for passionate runners with a thing for sneakers and social get-togethers. Here you’ll find information about the milestones throughout the year and miscellaneous posts about the beauty of running… Together.

NBRO originated from NIKE’s 2010 Copenhagen neighborhood running challenge where Karl-Oskar of WoodWood and the Nørrebro team topped the podium by tracking a total of more than 5.200 km and 8-10 men strongly kept on running after the event.

NBRO is without king, territory or rules. Everyone is welcome to join the 6+ weekly training events starting from Søpavillionen at the Lakes in the heart of Copenhagen. Our training is fun and varied for runners of all levels and comprises of cross, core and interval training as well as distances a mile too long.

NBRO is a motivating happy-crew, also during winter. At NBRO we rather talk about the attitude of our sneakers than their technicalities. We are more concerned about when the club is closing than when our local running shop opens.

NBRO’s purpose is to perform athletically and especially socially at all larger or interesting Danish races as well as organizing a number of annual trips abroad. There can be advantages to joining a trip, but our purpose is not primarily to run a discount scheme, just like commercial posts are not encouraged on the NBRO website + Facebook page.

Also check out our Facebook for daily fun and info. Or visit our instagram for the hip version of running. Otherwise just show up for a run-see and ask ! There’s always someone ready with an answer, and if someone doesn’t answer, spokesmen Anders Rømer, Jacob Ørholm, and Mike Hansen are more than happy to reply.

Run to join us – your commitment will be rewarded mile by mile.

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