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NBRO // Into The Wild - Part II

Why aren't you a better runner ?

You might log lots of miles, do hours on the treadmill or the track - and Strava might even celebrate your every step with a new record - but are you ever challenging yourself during your weekly training?

NBRO wishes to change the way you train and push you out of your comfort zone. With a series of events that all aim to focus on various technical elements of running, we hope to make you a better runner. With a social mindset of running, we offer you an opportunity to step out of your weekly routine and substitute one of your training sessions with an intense technical training session. Our goal isn't to create a new race series, but simply to offer everyone an alternative way of training and expanding our knowledge of running. However, we recognize that most runners are competitive - so we've arranged for some timing equipment and some prices for the fastest teams in each category.

Our first event - August 23th at 18:00 in Hareskoven - focuses on a mix of trail running and hill training and offer a perfect substitute for one of your weekly interval sessions. In teams of four people, you'll each race 5 times on a course which is approximately 1km and include a few steep and technical hills (30 m total ascent).

Due to the course we've been allowed to have a maximum of 35 teams to compete in the event. Each team has to register and pay 200DKK with MobilPay (26397806). We offer you to register either as a female, male or mix team.

Registration opens 4th of August at

We look forward to race you!

23. August 2017 - 18:00
NBRO Running
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