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You simply apply for membership of our Facebook Group. We usually accept requests within a few hours, but please be patient. Once you've become a member you're able to attend our events.

Rookie Tours, which is a monthly recurring event. Prior to the first Bloody Monday of the month.

First of all, we do not have any coaches in NBRO. We're just a bunch of happy and crazy runners - each with our own goals, training plans or simply a wish for some social runs without any goals. Everyone is welcome and each runner is responsible for taking part in the community and thereby getting the most out of NBRO.

We always meet up at Søpavilionen by the Lakes and often we're quite a lot of people. We'll try to do our best to welcome new people, but expect to take initiative yourself by asking questions or saying hi to the person next to you. Most days we'll do a quick introduction explaining which pace groups are present that particular day - but please see the common pace groups on the event on Facebook. The Facebook events is also the place to post your own suggestion for a specific distance and/or pace that you wish to run.

For a more thorough introduction to NBRO please consider taking part in our Rookie Tours, which are every first Monday of each month.

We look forward to welcome you to our running community.

See our events page. We always meet up at Søpavilionen.

NBRO is for everyone and therefore we welcome you, no matter which pace you run. We encourage everyone to come forward with any suggestions to pace groups on each event. However, usually we have these typical groups:

- The Moderate runners in a pace approximately 5:45-6:00 minutes per kilometer.

- The Inbetweeners run approximately 5.00 minutes per kilometer.

- The semi-hardcore run approximately 4:30-4:45 minutes per kilometer.

- The Monsters run in approximately 4:10 minutes per kilometer.

You're the only one who knows. Often we see that people start out way too fast and get injured. Since we do not have any coaches, you're the only one to know when you've had enough.

A common mistake about NBRO is that we're a very fast running community. Eventhough it might apppear this way, everyone is welcome and no pace is slow - so just ignore those loud fast guys.

The short answer; we don't know. We don't offer any coaches or training plans. You're welcome to ask your fellow runner for advise, but expect the advice you get to be based from personal experience.

No, NBRO is for everyone no matter what pace they prefer. We welcome everyone but please take an active part in our community by posting runs in your own pace.

See our About Us page or listen to this Podcast from Runcast.

We operate with a term called NBRO regular, which covers the runners who through a longer period of time has shown a positive contribution to our community. First and foremost you need to attend our weekly training and events and thereby offer your real life attendance and not only Facebook comments and likes. We don't have any strict rules for how long it takes to become a regular, but be patient and most importantly; be part of our community because you share our passion for running.

NBRO merchaindise and clothes are not for sale!

The opportunity to buy our gear is a right you earn by steady and frequent attandence to our trainings and events - and thereby becomming a NBRO regular. See how to become a NBRO regular in our FAQ.

NBRO originated from NIKE’s 2010 Copenhagen neighborhood running challenge. Over the years we've collaborated with Nike for many events, but don't have any formal connection with Nike.

We try to limit the amount of posts in our Facebook group, since we've become a lot of members. Therefore, we do not allow any kind of advertisements or resale of running gear or race bibs. We encourage spontaneous posts about running during the week to be posted in the weekly events.

No, we're only allowed to use the stadium for one hour each week, during Midweek Madness.